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Demetra offers the following services:


  • Customized preparations from our laboratory, which is legally authorized as an di herbal, food and distillery laboratory; 
  • Brick and mortar herbalist shop located in Calle del Toresin, 4 in the historical center of Oderzo (TV), where the distribution of herbal remedies is backed by more than thirty years of experience; 
  • Dissemination of knowledge concerning herbal medicine, supplementation and nutrition; 
  • Consultations regarding the usage of medicinal plants and the derived supplements; 
  • Holistic and naturopathic consultations with Dr. Fabio Ambrosi;
  • Online shopping at www.erboristerie.com and www.dottorgiorgini.it with thousands of weekly visits.
  • Customized consultation and preparation of Bach’s Flowers based remedies

Certifications and quality

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Herbal, food and liquor laboratory

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Erboristeria Demetra since 1985

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